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Juvenate Conscious Eatery

If you love food served in an atmosphere that brings you joy, health and happiness, then you will love Juvenate. Our mouthwatering plantbased menu is filled with nourishing meals that cater to a variety of dietary requirements. Whatever you choose, we have no doubts that it'll leave your mind, body and soul saying thank you! And don't forget to bring along your doggies as we are dog friendly.

We also have a wonderful retail section too. It's filled with yummy vegan treats & eco-friendly products.

We recommend you check out our coffees and latte artwork - you won't be disappointed - it's so good, we're famous for it! Hope to see you soon.


A message from Chanel


Hi guys, I’m Chanel, founder of Juvenate. If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering what inspired me to open Juvenate… Well, without taking up a full page, i’m excited to share my inspiration with you and of course welcome you to experience the “Juvi feeling”.


My main inspiration behind Juvenate was from my travels around Southeast Asia, especially Bali. The tropical vibes, the colourful foods and the joyful, energising atmosphere was something I desired to bring back to my hometown, Stellenbosch. This, mixed with my deep passion for nature, the environment and helping animals, lead me to the idea of opening a cafe. It ticks all my desirable boxes! A cafe that serves healthy, plant based foods that help the animals and the environment, all whilst experiencing a joyful, energising and Bali like experience, through the colourful dishes and tropical vibes. Thats what we call, the Juvi feeling!


Juvenate is a place where people can feel like they’ve escaped from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s a place where you can feel like you’re on holiday, where all your focus is on enjoying the present moment whilst sipping on your colourful smoothie and nourishing your body with good food. 


And, I can’t forget to mention our Juvenate mascot, Nala! Nala is our Jack Russell who very much looks forward to welcoming everyone who walk’s through our door. Although many Jack Russell’s are quite busy, Nala likes to mind her own business, she’s a very calm and relaxed pup. When you visit, be sure to call Nala over, as she’ll give you an exciting smile when running to greet you!


So why not come down, grab a bite to eat and say hi to Nala too!

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